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Location intelligence with actionable insights to improve shipment transparency

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Track and Manage High-Value Shipments

Our user-friendly dashboard and tracking platform make it easy to track one or a thousand shipments. See location updates and historical location data from your mobile device or computer. Receive geofence entry and exit notifications in your email or text to get ahead of any issues.

Easily manage notification preferences with a single click, invite others to view your shipments, and send configuration settings directly to the device.


A few examples of the shipments we track…

Tracking something else? Not a problem.


GPX Intelligence's asset trackers report their location data worldwide with no additional fees.

For tougher areas that have less signal, our asset trackers will report nearby cell towers and Wifi access points to give approximate estimates of the tracker’s location.

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Featured Hardware

AssetTrack Voyager - Clear

AssetTrack Voyager

BLE-enabled GPS Asset Tracker with Long Battery Life | 7 months of shipment tracking

  • Tracker has an amazing battery life that powers shipment tracking for up to 7 months
  • BLE-enabled to work with AssetTag for affordable tracking at scale
  • WiFi positioning for indoor location visibility
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Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) Asset Tracking | Interchangeable watch battery

  • Up to 4 years on a single battery
  • Waterproof & rustproof
  • Detectable within 80 feet of BLE-enabled GPS device
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AssetTrack Voyager Mini - CLEAR

AssetTrack Voyager Mini

Our Smallest-Profile Shipment Tracker Perfect for High-Frequency Location Reports

  • Powering high-frequency location reports for up to 6 weeks
  • 4G tracker that works everywhere
  • WiFi positioning for indoor location visibility
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