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Geofencing and Alerts

Geofencing is the act of setting boundaries on a map. Those boundaries translate to real-time alerts when an asset enters or leaves that boundary. Additionally, we offer the ability to see which geofence the asset was in. Understand how long an asset spends in a geofence (known area) or out of a geofence (unknown area), as well.

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Dwell Dashboard

The dwell dashboard lets users monitor how many and for how long tracked assets are sitting in a geofence. The dwell report lets you customize parameters for every geofence in your network and report against what is, and is not, acceptable SLAs for your asset tracking needs.

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Tracker Grouping

Streamline your tracker management and view only what you need in GPX Intelligence. Leverage tracker grouping to create custom groups by location, department, or asset type. Then, select which groups to view on the map.

Shipment Tracking
Shipment Tracking

Monitor the movement of assets and important goods along a shipping corridor or between facilities. Imagine being able to share real-time delivery statuses with suppliers, clients, and customers.

Mission Control for All of Your Trackable Business Assets

Alerts & Notifications

Receive a mobile push notification, SMS, or email alert anytime a device enters or exits a geofence or for events like low battery level, device movement alerts, tamper alerts, and shipment alerts.

API Integration
API Integration

Integrate GPX location data with your own business asset data.

Reports & Analytics
Reports & Analytics

Download historical location data including latitude, longitude, address, speed, and date.


Set a radius around a geographic location that is important for your operations.

Multi-User Permissioning
Multi-User Permissioning

Grant various degrees of access to GPX platform users in your organization.

Shipments Module
Shipments Module

Plan shipments ahead of time and get alerted when a shipment has begun, has arrived, or if it is delayed. Easily share shipment status with key stakeholders.

Real-Time Location
Real-Time Location

See the real-time location of your assets on one easy-to-use map interface.

Retain Historic Locations
Retain Historic Locations

View your asset’s previous location points on the map.

Set Rules Logic
Rules Engine

Create” if-this-then-that” rules logic allowing you to:

  • Update ping frequency
  • Change settings on a given device
  • Send a text message or email
  • Send a webhook based on geofence events and device alerts

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Can I integrate GPX Intelligence location data into my companies current workflows / internal application / systems?

Yes. We provide a full-featured API that allows you to integrate your real-time tracking data into your existing company workflows and existing data sets. 

I have a special use case for tracking and may need a custom solution, can the GPX team accommodate us?

Almost certainly. We would love to talk to you about your organization’s use case. Our development team frequently delivers custom GPS tracking solutions for unique use cases.

What cellular networks do GPX devices work with?

How frequent are location updates?

Depending on your use case and battery life requirements, our devices can report as frequently as every minute to once a day.

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