GPS Tracking Solutions for Dealerships

Simple & straightforward location intelligence for all dealerships managing high-risk buyers.

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Powerful and Affordable GPS Tracking For Dealers

Long term auto tracking devices make recovering your assets easy. Get reliable location data with GPS tracking for car dealers and automotive lenders. Made for Buy Here Pay Here lots and vehicle dealerships. Protect your bottom line today.

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Repossession of a car

Track and Recover Vehicles

Protect your assets with reliable, cost efficient tracking. Track all your vehicles on an easy-to-use dashboard.


Motivate Your Customers

Reduce delinquencies and improve customer communication with a safe, reliable vehicle tracking app.


Mitigate Risk

Lower your downside risk of losing vehicles. Tracking helps protect your investments and ensure payment.


Lower Repo Costs

Make repos more cost efficient with accurate information for your drivers. Share vehicle location info with them.


Reliable Insights for Dealerships

Protect your assets. Reduce payment delinquencies. GPX Intelligence makes it effortless to track any powered or non-powered item. Choose from either our hardwired or battery powered trackers. Hardwired trackers are simple to install. For battery-powered devices, all you need to do is turn the tracker on and place it on the vehicle.

  • Reliable, cost-effective tracking
  • Birds-eye view map with a user friendly dashboard
  • Notifications when items or equipment enter or exit a geofence

Sell Your Inventory With Confidence

With proven reliability and a user-friendly tracking platform, GPX Intelligence makes it seamless for car dealerships and auto finance companies to track assets.

Our GPS trackers for car dealers reduce delinquencies and make recoveries simple; so that your sole focus is making more sales.


Hardwired + Battery-Powered Trackers for Car Dealers

Recover assets when needed with a GPS tracking device

Track assets on an intuitive map interface from your computer or smartphone. Know where vehicles are located when you need to recover them. Take control of your inventory with GPS tracking solutions for car and vehicle repossession.


10-Year GPS Tracker + Intelligence Platform

The Asset Track has a 10 year battery life. The tracker requires no installation. Simply place the tracker onto the asset and start tracking.

  • Hardware + service included.
  • Save on installation costs. Just place on the asset.
  • Reliable 4G tracking anywhere.

5-Year Mini GPS Tracker + Intelligence Platform

The AssetTrack Mini is a reliable, small-profile tracker for construction.

  • Up to 5 years of battery life
  • Hardware + service included.
  • Small 4G tracker with nearly universal coverage.

You've Got Questions? We've got answers.

Key questions in the dealership and BHPH industry

What is a car dealer GPS tracking device?

A car dealer GPS tracking device is a tool used by dealerships to track and monitor their vehicle inventory. It’s beneficial for price monitoring, vehicle security, and asset management.

What does a GPS tracking solution cost for my dealership?

We’d love to speak with you! In our discussion, we’ll get a better understanding of the amount of devices you’d need. Plus, we’ll discuss how long your service plan, which includes access to location data, would last. These are all variables that impact our pricing, but we can assure you we have affordable options that help protect your bottom line.

Do dealerships put GPS trackers on cars? Why?

Yes, many dealerships install GPS trackers on their cars. It helps in managing and protecting the inventory, enabling quick recovery in case of theft and offering valuable data on the vehicle’s usage and condition.

Where do car dealerships put GPS trackers?

The placement of GPS trackers can vary depending on the specific model and the discretion of the dealership. However, common places include the OBD port, under the car, or sometimes inside the dashboard.