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Streamline logistics and boost efficiency.

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Efficient Warehouse Operations & Logistics

GPX’s mesh-networked bluetooth low-energy (BLE) and GPS devices enable precise monitoring within facilities, ensuring seamless logistics management.

Experience unparalleled efficiency in tracking warehouse operations, shipments, critical supply chain loops, returnable containers, and more. The applications are endless, enabling better workflows that optimize productivity and efficiency.

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Example of warehouse mapping with GPS and BLE

Locate Inventory

Track and recover inventory in real-time with reliable, cost-efficient tracking.


Real-time Logistics

In-warehouse or in-transit, we've got you covered: Warehouse mapping, efficiency reports, shipping visibility and more, powered by GPX Intelligence.


Mitigate Risk

Lower your risk of losing inventory, equipment, or fleet vehicles. Protect your investments while optimizing your processes.


Lower Operating Costs

More efficient operations means more dollars going to the bottom line.

Effortlessly Modernize Warehouse Management

Embrace the future of warehouse management, today. Gone are the days of heavy infrastructure changes in order to gain visibility across the supply chain. Seamlessly integrate advanced location technology like BLE, meshed with GPS.

GPX drives the industry forward to streamline operations while maintaining simplicity and accessibility. BLE-enabled GPS devices act as a central hub to report tagged asset locations both inside and outside your facility. Revolutionize warehouse management with our innovative solution.

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Improved Logistics with IoT Solutions for Warehousing

Whether your business manages returnable packaging fleets, complex shipments to and from suppliers, or items in-facility, when you implement GPX Intelligence, you’ll have full visibility across it all. We offer comprehensive tracking solutions for warehouse management, enhancing the supply chain workflow and reducing operational costs. Our tracking solutions help warehouse & logistics professionals identify and fix problems before they occur.

Get instant visibility into inventory flow, forklift paths, shipments, and company fleets — all in one place.

Affordable Accuracy: Inventory Management

We know there can be a disconnect between where materials should be stored and their actual location. Location insights help businesses connect the dots between supplier, production, and warehoused materials.

Our tough asset trackers will last up to 10 years and help unlock insights that revolutionize your operations. The GPX solution (combining GPS and BLE) offers the ability to keep track of inventory more affordably than ever before.

  • See where inventory is located
  • Get alerts when asset enters or leaves a geofenced area
  • Locate returnable packaging
  • Use trackers with multi-year, maintenance-free batteries
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Warehouse Bins

Featured Hardware



BLE-enabled GPS Asset Tracker with Long Battery Life | 10 Year Battery or Rechargeable Option

  • Tracker has an amazing 10 year battery life
  • BLE-enabled to work with AssetTag for affordable tracking at scale
  • WiFi positioning for additional indoor location visibility


Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) Asset Tracking | Interchangeable watch battery

  • Up to 4 years on a single battery
  • Waterproof & rustproof
  • Detectable within 80 feet of BLE-enabled GPS device
SELECT THIS ONE - AssetTrack Voyager-2

AssetTrack Voyager

BLE-enabled GPS Asset Tracker with Long Battery Life | 7 months of shipment or warehouse shuttle tracking

  • Tracker has an amazing battery life that powers shipment tracking for up to 7 months
  • BLE-enabled to work with AssetTag for affordable tracking at scale
  • WiFi positioning for additional indoor location visibility