Tracking Solutions for Agribusiness

From the humble farm to the multi-national corporation: Tracking to improve processes, reduce operational waste, and prevent loss.

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Powerful and Affordable GPS Tracking for Agriculture

Long term tracking devices make monitoring and recovering your assets easy. Get reliable location data with GPS tracking for farm equipment, high-value shipments, agribusiness sustainability initiatives, returnable packaging, and optimized logistics. Protect your bottom line today.

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Track and Recover Inventory

Protect your assets with reliable, cost efficient tracking. Track all your equipment on an easy-to-use dashboard.


Intelligence At Your Fingertips

Dwell dashboards, efficiency reports, and asset maps powered by our proprietary AI-powered platform.


Mitigate Risk

Lower your risk of losing materials or equipment. Protect your investments while optimizing your processes.


Lower Operating Costs

More efficient operations means translates into more dollars going to the bottom line.

Empowering Operations and Reducing Idle Time

Inform your customers and teams when they are likely to receive a product. This provides more accurate predictions that are based on travel speed, disruptions, and wait times. Give managers visibility into product deliveries to help create a better customer experience.

  • Send single-use tracking links to customers and third parties for visibility
  • Share dashboard data and alerts cross-functionally
  • Dwell alerts and reporting help keep products moving and reduce time spent idle
  • Slice your location data multiple ways for maximized insights
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GPS and BLE Trackers for Farm Businesses and Agribusiness Companies

Monitor your assets with a GPS or Bluetooth Low-Energy tracking device

Track assets on an intuitive map interface from your computer or smartphone. Know where key equipment is located when you need to use them. Farmers can take control of the harvest with GPS tracking solutions for managing mixed-brand fleets. Agribusiness companies can manage returnable containers, equipment and vehicle fleets, and gain critical knowledge about key shipments, logistics, and operational trends.


10-Year GPS Tracker + Intelligence Platform

The Asset Track has a 10 year battery life. The tracker requires no installation. Simply place the tracker onto the asset and start tracking.

  • Hardware + service included.
  • Save on installation costs. Just place on the asset.
  • Reliable 4G tracking anywhere.

5-Year Mini GPS Tracker + Intelligence Platform

The AssetTrack Mini is a reliable, small-profile tracker for construction.

  • Up to 5 years of battery life
  • Hardware + service included.
  • Small 4G tracker with nearly universal coverage.

Reliable Insights for Agribusiness

Protect your assets. GPX Intelligence makes it effortless to track any powered or non-powered item. Choose from either our hardwired or battery powered trackers. Hardwired trackers are simple to install, and battery-powered devices only need to be switched on and placed on the equipment, shipment, or asset.

  • Reliable, cost-effective tracking
  • Birds-eye view map with a user friendly dashboard
  • Notifications when items or equipment enter or exit a geofence

You've Got Questions? We've got answers.

Key questions in the farm and agriculture industry

What is a farm GPS tracking device?

A farm GPS tracking device is a tool used by farm managers to track and monitor their equipment and key inventory. It’s beneficial for increasing security, crushing operational waste at critical times like harvest, and improves visibility on high-value shipments.

What does a GPS tracking solution cost for my farm business?

We’d love to speak with you! In our discussion, we’ll get a better understanding of the amount of devices you’d need. Plus, we’ll discuss how long your service plan, which includes access to location data, would last. These are all variables that impact our pricing, but we can assure you we have affordable options that help protect your business.

Do farms put GPS trackers on tractors? Why?

Yes, many farmers install additional GPS trackers on their tractors, combines, tanks, bins, and other implements. GPS tracking equipment helps in managing and protecting the inventory, enabling quick recovery in case of theft and offering valuable data on the item’s usage.

Where do farmers put GPS trackers?

The placement of GPS or Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) trackers can vary depending on the specific model of the equipment and the discretion of the farmer. However, common places include: under the seat, under the engine hood, or sometimes inside the dashboard.