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The Future of Manufacturing: Smart Factories

We’re pioneering the future with location-enabled smart factories and warehouses. GPX drives the industry forward through its innovative GPS and BLE solutions that reduce the need for heavy infrastructure implementations. BLE-enabled GPS devices act as a central hub to report tagged asset locations both inside and outside your facility.

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Track and Recover Inventory

Protect your assets with reliable, cost-efficient tracking.


Intelligence At Your Fingertips

Dwell dashboards, efficiency reports, and asset maps powered by our proprietary AI-powered platform.


Mitigate Risk

Lower your risk of losing materials or equipment. Protect your investments while optimizing your processes.


Lower Operating Costs

More efficient operations means translates into more dollars going to the bottom line.

Empowering Teams And Reducing Dwell

Inform your customers and teams when they are likely to receive a product. This provides more accurate predictions that are based on travel speed, disruptions, and wait times. Giving managers visibility into product deliveries helps create a better customer experience.

  • Send single-use tracking links to customers and third parties for visibility
  • Share dashboard data, and alerts cross-functionally
  • Dwell alerts and reporting help keep products moving on the line
  • Slice your location data multiple ways for maximized insights
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Asset and Product Tracking for Manufacturing

Full visibility when your products leave the plant. We offer comprehensive tracking solutions for manufacturers, enhancing production workflow and reducing operational costs. Our AI-powered and cloud-based tracking solutions helps manufacturers identify and fix problems before they occur. Get instant visibility into product flow, shipments, and finished good distribution — all in one place.

Inventory Management in Manufacturing

We know there can be a disconnect between where materials should be stored and their actual location. Our tracking solutions help manufactures connect the dots on stored materials and the production line. Our tough asset trackers will last up to 10 years and improve the security of stored materials.

  • See where inventory is located
  • Get alerts when asset enters or leaves a geofenced area
  • Use trackers with multi-year, maintenance-free batteries
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You've Got Questions? We've Got Answers

for the manufacturing industry

How does real-time asset tracking help manufacturers?

Tracking technologies enable real-time monitoring of machinery, equipment, and other assets. This helps prevent theft or loss and allows managers to use resources more efficiently. Knowing the exact location of each asset can also streamline maintenance schedules and reduce downtime.

Does GPS tracking technology improve inventory management for manufacturers?

Yes. By tracking materials and components throughout the production process, manufacturers can maintain optimal inventory levels, prevent overproduction or underproduction, and minimize waste. This real-time visibility into inventory also allows for better forecasting and planning.

How does tracking technology optimize manufacturing production processes?

Tracking technology, including GPS and BLE devices, and intelligence platforms can provide valuable data about the production process, such as how long each stage takes and where bottlenecks occur. This data can be used to optimize the process, improve efficiency, and reduce costs.

How do manufacturers improve supply chain visibility?

Manufacturers can use tracking tools and data intelligence platforms to monitor goods throughout the supply chain, from raw materials to finished products. This visibility can help prevent delays, detect issues earlier, and improve customer service by providing accurate delivery estimates.

How does IoT help control quality and customer satisfaction in manufacturing?

Smart factories leverage the “internet of things,” or IoT to improve processes and product quality. Tracking technology and intelligence platforms are one application of IoT that can be used to monitor the location and conditions of products throughout the manufacturing process. For example, they can detect if a product has been exposed to inappropriate temperatures that could affect its quality. Or, tracking technology can notify relevant parties if an item or its parts are going to be delayed or arrive sooner than expected.