Efficiency Solutions for OEM Supply Chains

Intelligent solutions to gain location visibility and increase operational efficiency in the supply chain.

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Increase Supply Chain Visibility

Reusable containers are a critical part of an OEM’s supply chain. Unfortunately, they are frequently targets of theft and misuse. Our tracking solutions give manufacturers and their suppliers the intelligence they need to protect and manage their inventory. Automotive, heavy equipment, heavy truck, and agricultural OEM’s already track thousands of containers, pieces of inventory, and supply chain assets all over the world with our elegant location solutions.

  • Teams can see all of their closed-loop supply chain assets in a powerful dashboard
  • Only a fraction of total containers or assets need to be audited to discover problems or trends
  • Color-coded notifications allow quick analysis of assets – identify missing, lost or stolen items
  • Innovative dwell dashboards offer key insights into stalls in the supply chain
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Track and recover assets

Protect your assets with reliable, cost efficient location solutions. Track your supply chain loops on an easy-to-use dashboard.


Maximize visibility

Streamline the supply chain and optimize operating costs with real-time analytics.


Mitigate risk

Lower your risk of losing materials or containers. Tracking helps protect your investments.


Lower operation costs

More efficient supply chains mean lower operating costs, allowing you and your teams to generate larger margins.

Location Intelligence That Goes the Distance

Attach our rugged devices to a portion of your containers, racks, totes, equipment, materials, trailers, or vehicles. These trackers have a battery life of up to 10 years and are easily concealed. It’s important to note that not all assets need to be tracked in order to have an effective tool for auditing and recovery. Reliable, cost effective devices + powerful monitoring and analytics solutions gives you the intelligence you need to improve the efficiency and security of your assets.

  • Reliable devices with batteries that last up to 10 years
  • Small, waterproof enclosures are discrete and easy to attach
  • Configure reporting and alert settings from your digital location intelligence command center
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Improve Supplier Accountability

Built-in tools for suppliers and teams

It’s easy to share resources with your teams and suppliers. Send a read-only tracking link to suppliers, customers or internal teams to share tracking, alerting and more with our location intelligence solution.

  • Add team members to container montiorting and and alerts
  • Share read-only tracking links with external teams
  • API access to tracking data let’s you easily integrate with existing systems

GPS tracking has given us visibility into our supply chain to see where our containers and racks are at all times. Before we tracked, we had no idea how long they were staying at our suppliers. Now we can see if they are staying too long and can hold suppliers accountable.

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Sustainable Supply Chain

Prevent Loss and Improve Operational Sustainability

GPX Intelligence is empowering Supply Chain leaders throughout America’s top OEMs to optimize returnable container management through location data solutions. The misplacement and loss of returnable containers creates significant organizational waste, both environmentally and financially. GPX’s location data solutions provide the insights required to proactively manage and mitigate returnable container waste throughout the supply chain.

Calling All Supply Chain Superheroes:

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Device Hardware for OEM Supply Chain Applications



The AssetTrack is a 4G GPS asset tracker that can be used to track assets for long periods with accuracy. It has a weatherproof enclosure that is rated IP67 (waterproof + dustproof). Track from a web browser or any iOS or Android device. Get SMS or email alerts when the tracker leaves a geographic area (a geofence).

  • Hardware + service included.
  • Save on installation costs. Just place on the asset with the built-in magnet.
  • Reliable 4G tracking anywhere.


Our flagship shipment tracker, versatile yet powerful. Designed specifically for tracking high-value shipments or totes, the MicroTrack provides instant visibility and insights into your valuable assets. View where your asset has traveled, including all historic locations with timestamps, and receive location alerts when the tracker enters or exits a designated location.

  • Hardware + service included.
  • Perfect for tote tracking.
  • Reliable 4G tracking anywhere.

RoadTrack Wired

Ideal for tracking vehicles, equipment or powered assets, the RoadTrack Wired is a wired-in GPS device that transmits location reports every 400 meters while in motion. Easy installation and durability make this device a great option for tracking your powered assets.

  • Hardware + service included.
  • 4G tracker with nearly universal coverage.
  • Built-in backup battery.
  • Simple 2-wire installation.

Unlock the Future in the Circular Supply Chain

Get the guide to read about:

  • How to achieve visibility across facilities
  • Loss prevention and asset recovery best practices
  • Tips for sustainability and eco-initiatives
  • How to use AI for proactive decision-making
  • Agile management best practices for industry competitiveness
  • Automation and efficiency enhancement tips
  • Customer-centric benefits of greater visibility and connectivity
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