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The TempTrack is a durable temperature and humidity bluetooth low-energy (BLE) sensor, designed to compliment GPX’s GPS and BLE-enabled devices. Equipped with advanced sensing technology, the TempTrack delivers precise temperature and humidity measurement. Its seamless integration with GPX’s BLE-enabled devices ensures synchronized data collection, enabling users to monitor environmental conditions alongside location tracking.


Nearly Endless Lifespan

The TempTrack works in tandem with a BLE-enabled AssetTrack devices to improve location visibility. Powered by 2 interchangeable AAA batteries, the lifespan of this device is nearly endless, though the batteries will last about 3 years before needing to be changed.

Interchangeable AAA Battery
Water Resistant & Dust Resistant
Paired 1-to-1 with a BLE-enabled AssetTrack device

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Standout features and capabilities of the TempTrack

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Impressive Longevity

The TempTrack battery will last up to 3 years. But, with changeable AAA batteries, the TempTrack allows you to use the same device for a nearly endless amount of time across its lifespan. The location report frequency is dependent on paired BLE-enabled AssetTrack device family reporting frequencies, and you can change this from the GPX platform at any time.

Indoor & Outdoor Coverage

Leverage these TempTrack tags to affordably increase tracking coverage to include temperature and humidity readings, indoors or out, when paired with a BLE-enabled AssetTrack device.

Precision Temperature and Humidity Readings

Capable of providing precise temperature and humidity readings, within 0.5 degree accuracy, Celsius.

Easy Installation

Simple to install via an adhesive sticker included with your device.

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Frequently asked questions about the TempTrack from GPX Intelligence

How long does the battery last?

The TempTrack is powered by two (2) replaceable AAA batteries, though it’ll last approximately 3 years before needing a change.

How frequently does the device report?

The TempTrack does not report on its own, however when paired 1-to-1 with a BLE-enabled AssetTrack device (and within 80 ft), the temperature and humidity information will be relayed. The AssetTrack device family can be configured to report once every 24 hours, once every 12 hours, once every 6 hours, or once an hour.

How do I install the device on my asset?

The TempTrack can be installed by an adhesive sticker, which is included with your order.

Will this device work internationally?

The TempTrack will function wherever the BLE-enabled AssetTrack device will work, as they’re paired 1-to-1. The AssetTrack works in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Will this device work indoors?

Yes, the TempTrack is brilliantly designed for precise indoor location, when paired with a BLE-enabled AssetTrack device.

Is the battery on the device replaceable?

Yes, the AssetTag takes two (2) simple AAA batteries, and you can replace the batteries yourself.

Does the TempTrack have to be paired one-to-one with a BLE-enabled GPS device?

Yes, the TempTrack will report to the GPX Platform via a paired BLE-enabled GPS device. GPX offers bundled options, depending on your need:

  • Infrequent reports of temp/humidity over a long period of time = AssetTemp Bundle
  • Frequent reports of temp/humidity over a long period of time = ChargeTemp Bundle
  • Frequent reports of temp/humidity over a short period of time = VoyagerTemp Bundle
  • Infrequent reports of temp/humidity over a moderate/shorter period of time = MiniTemp Bundle

Will a BLE-enabled GPS device be able to read and report both the TempTrack information and AssetTag location?

Yes. While the TempTrack needs to be paired 1-to-1 with the BLE-enabled GPS device, said device can report on additional BLE sensors (AssetTags), in addition to the TempTrack data.