The GPX Story

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>60,000 assets actively tracked
>5,000,000 daily locations reported
>50 industries supported
>$400,000,000 value of assets tracked

What We Do

In a fast pace, highly distributed, and supply chain constrained world we specialize in bringing visibility, security and peace of mind to your businesses most valued assets. Through a technology platform that focuses on insights over data, function over features, and a team that focuses on service over all else, we are routinely referred to as “our favorite partner”. What matters to you, matters most to us. Your businesses performance is our business, your experience is our lifeblood. We work with agility and collaboration to serve you.

What We Value


  • Authenticity is your distinct competitive advantage; nobody can be you better than you can be you.

  • Embrace the authenticity of others. Support each other through the highs and lows; give and receive feedback with positive intent.


  • Focus on the customer and the rest will follow – We understand that success for our customers means success for our company.

  • Therefore, we focus intentionally on providing value for our customers knowing that our desired business outcomes will follow close behind.

  • We are a constant advocate for our customers.


  • We believe talent can be developed; worry less about looking smart and focus on continuous improvement.

  • Set goals beyond what is comfortable, we are accountable to our commitments and turning failures into opportunities to improve.


  • Approach every decision, every commitment, with the mindset of a long-term owner.

  • Choose the path that will optimize for the infinite horizon, bypassing the short-term fix for the solution.

Disagree, Commit, Iterate

  • We are committed to seeking diversity of opinion and leveraging the expertise of others to arrive at the best possible decision.

  • Respectful debate will ensure our decisions are evaluated from multiple perspectives, driving the highest probability of success.

  • When consensus can’t be reached, we will disagree and commit; we will evaluate the impact of our decisions and improve upon them as needed.


Where From, and Where To

  • Born out of a co-working space in Greensboro North Carolina in 2016, the company was launched under the name Logistimatics, our consumer brand.
  • By 2019 the team moved into an office and grew to >25,000 active subscribers
  • Logistimatics built a proprietary technology platform to serve a variety of location solutions using dozen of tracker types
  • Logistimatics continues to serve consumers with GPS and location challenges for everyday life
  • Saltwater purchased Logistimatic in 2020 and brought a focus to scaling our service of B2B customers for improved supply chain visibility
  • GPX continues to rapidly develop products and services for companies globally and are built to adjust to the changing dynamics in the market, all while maintaining the small company agility, care, and culture throughout

Our Leadership Team

Tammy Henning, Finance and Ops
Head of Operations, Finance
Mitch Belsley, VP Customer Experience
Vice President of Customer Experience
John Barbour, Head of Product
Head of Product
Kim Headshot
Head of Marketing