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Location data to solve real-world problems.


Asset Tracking

Asset trackers are designed to report their location on a schedule to optimize for battery life. Ensure your valuable business assets are where they're supposed to be with geofencing and alerts.

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Fleet Tracking

Businesses of any size get real-time location data and analytics about their fleet of vehicles, equipment, or tools.

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Shipment Tracking

Inventory and shipped goods can be tracked in real time with a consumable (single-use) GPS tracker.

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Warehouse Logistics Solutions

GPS tracking can help to improve inventory management by mapping the warehouse with our innovative networked GPS & BLE solutions.

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Prevent Loss. Increase Security.

  • See real-time locations on a map showing speed, stops, and more from anywhere.
  • Access our platform right from your mobile device or computer, and view your asset’s location instantly.
  • Manage a device’s reporting frequency whenever an item is missing or stolen.
  • Geofencing offers peace of mind, knowing you’ll be alerted upon tracked asset entry or exit.

Increase Supply Chain Efficiency

  • Optimize production schedules with real-time visibility of parts and inventory required for manufacturing.
  • Reduce transportation costs with on-demand access to driver location and proximity to drop-offs or pick-ups.
  • Improve order fulfillment by leveraging location data for inventory and shipments.
  • Optimize scheduling, improve safety, and reduce costs in construction by gaining insight into the location of key materials and equipment.

Lower Operating Costs

  • Improve the efficiency of your operations with real-time data on the location and status of assets.
  • Improve scheduling, routing, and dispatching based on the latest location intelligence.
  • Prevent costly delays and reduce downtime with dwell reporting, which alerts when assets are not being utilized as expected.
  • Track down and recover lost or stolen assets more efficiently, not only reducing the stress of the situation but saving expense of repurchases.
  • Reduce administrative costs of locating items across job sites or warehouses.

Reduce Dwell Time

  • Track the location of vehicles, equipment, and gain insight into operational processes.
  • Customize parameters for every geofence in your network and report against what is, and is not, acceptable SLAs for your asset tracking needs.
  • Identify areas where improvements can be made to reduce dwell time.
  • Monitor how many tracked assets there are and for how long assets stay in a geofence.
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4G GPS Trackers

GPS Trackers that connect on the 4G cellular network for the best reliability.


Beautiful Apps

Tracking apps for web, iOS and Android deliver a clean, powerful experience.


API Integration

Connect with our API to receive tracking data within your platform.


Data Collection

Powerful integrated data collection for environmental and engine data.


Realtime Updates

Get up to the minute location data and on our tracking platform or integrated into your app.


Amazing Support

Our products our powered by our awesome customer success team.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do companies use GPS tracking?

Companies use GPS tracking for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Fleet management: GPS tracking can help businesses track the location of their vehicles, which can be used to improve efficiency and productivity. For example, businesses can use GPS tracking to ensure that their vehicles are being used for business purposes only, to optimize delivery routes, and to track driver behavior.
  • Asset tracking: GPS tracking can also be used to track the location of valuable assets, such as construction equipment or shipping containers. This can help businesses to prevent theft and to ensure that assets are being used efficiently.
  • Security: GPS tracking can be used to improve security by tracking the location of employees or vehicles. This can be used to prevent unauthorized access to facilities or to track down missing persons.
  • Compliance: In some industries, such as transportation, GPS tracking is required by law. For example, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires all commercial vehicles to be equipped with electronic logging devices (ELDs) that track driver hours of service.
  • Customer service: GPS tracking can also be used to improve customer service by providing real-time updates on the location of deliveries. This can help businesses to meet customer expectations and to improve customer satisfaction.

It is important to note that the use of GPS tracking for employees is a privacy-sensitive issue. Companies should only use GPS tracking for employees if they have a legitimate business reason to do so and if they have obtained the employee’s consent.

Here are some of the benefits of using GPS tracking for businesses:

  • Increased efficiency and productivity: GPS tracking can help businesses to improve efficiency and productivity by optimizing visibility and insights by arming them with actionable intelligence.
  • Reduced costs: GPS tracking can help businesses to reduce costs by optimizing equipment usage, reducing downtime, and preventing long-term loss.
  • Improved safety: GPS tracking can help businesses to improve safety by tracking driver speed and in recovering stolen assets.
  • Improved customer service: GPS tracking can help businesses to improve customer service by providing real-time updates on the location of deliveries and by helping businesses to meet customer expectations.

Overall, GPS tracking is a powerful tool that can be used by businesses to improve efficiency, productivity, safety, and customer service. However, it is important to use GPS tracking responsibly and to comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

What are the different types of GPS tracking devices?

The varieties of GPS tracking devices we offer can be found on GPX’s tracking devices page. We offer solutions for powered and non-powered devices with a variety of reporting rates.

What is GPS tracking data?

Find a great example of the data and insights we provide on GPX’s Platform page. However, we’d be happy to discuss any custom location data needs – feel free to contact us for more information.

Do you ship internationally?

We ship in case quantities (20pc) to locations outside North America and in single pieces to select countries. If you are located outside the US, please contact us for more info on placing an order.

Can I integrate tracking data into my current workflow / app / software?

Yes. We provide a full featured API which allows you use your realtime tracking data in your existing company workflows.

I have a special use case for tracking and have an out of the box request. Can you accommodate?

Almost certainly. We would love to talk to you about your application and find a solution that works. Our development team can deliver custom GPS tracking solutions.

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