Chilling to Thrilling: How GPS Tracking Turned the Tide on Stolen Equipment in Jacksonville

Posted by GPX Team on December 3, 2018
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    Kim Dazey

    If you’ve ever had something stolen, you know how unsettling it can be. We hear stories about theft every week from our current and new customers. One of our favorite things about our industry is helping companies recover stolen equipment. Recently, we were able to help a construction company in Jacksonville, FL recover more than $100k in stolen air conditioner units.

    The company had experienced theft for years. The air conditioning units they installed were taken out almost immediately after being put in. They contacted us because they were overwhelmed with the thefts and needed to put an end to the lost equipment and labor. We recommended a Mobile-310 GPS tracker. This tracker is particularly effective because it has a 5 year battery and costs less than $60.

    The company started adding these trackers to their outdoor units. They then set up geofence alerts to be notified when their equipment would exit a specific area, and before they knew it, they were being notified that their air conditioning units were not in the same place they had left them.

    After following the location from the GPS, they were able to track down 60 other stolen items that were being stored in a warehouse. GPS trackers are helping thousands of companies in the US around the world recover their assets and improve their efficiency.

    Recovering Stolen Equipment

    How can you most effectively use equipment trackers to ensure that your assets are protected? Here are a few things to check:

    1. Your device is reporting well, as frequently as you need it to,
    2. Make sure that have set a geofence location around your device so that you can be alerted when your device enters or exits a specific area
    3. Contact your police/sheriff’s department to notify them that you are putting GPS trackers on your assets so that they can be ready to execute an effective plan to recover your assets.

    Our mission is to help customers locate the people and things they care about most. We believe there is a growing expectation that people should be able to know where their assets are located at any time.


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