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Challenges We Solve

Manual processes suffer from at least one of these typical challenges. GPX Intelligence was made to overcome these to deliver peace of mind.

Location Visibility

When things are lost, misplaced, or stolen and need to be found.

Inventory Management

When there are too many or too few items in a certain place

Time-based Insights

When an asset has been somewhere too long, or not long enough

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Location Visibility Challenges

A trailer has notarrived in the correct location

An automotive manufacturer wanted to eliminate warehouse-to-production delays which could lead to line stoppage. By keeping track of the trailers in the yard, and managing their dashboard, GPX’s platform was able to alert the team that the trailer had not yet arrived in the correct location, even though the driver reported arrival. This helped eliminate confusion and delays caused by misrouted trucks.

Materials are not in the work area when needed

A leading construction team wanted to improve project efficiency and improve operations on the jobsite. GPX Intelligence helped managers gain visibility on various materials, tools, and equipment across multiple job sites in order to secure the materials. But, they also discovered that several project were short equipment, while the same tools were sitting idle on a different project. They were able to identify which of their equipment fleet could be redistributed, saving money on last-minute rentals.

Key assets go missing from several project sites

A manufacturer found that certain materials were regularly being stolen from their project sites. With the help of GPX Intelligence, they were able to tag their key assets and discovered that they were one of several hits in a theft ring of similar items in their area. With the help of authorities and leveraging the data provided by GPX, the thieves plans were thwarted and the crime ring was stopped.

Inventory Management Challenges

A production line workstation is running low on parts

A manufacturer needed to keep their production line working and reduce line stoppage. They didn’t know where to begin, as their supplier communication and accountability was difficult to navigate and the problem often seemed out of their hands. After tagging their returnable containers in their supply chain with GPX tracking devices, they gained visibility and were able to understand when too many returnable containers accumulated at the supplier. This enabled the manufacturer to become more proactive and increase communication to ensure their workstations had the items needed on time while holding the supplier accountable for SLA’s.

There are too many trucks awaiting yard check-in

An automotive manufacturer wanted to eliminate road and parking lot congestion when too many trucks were queued in their lot. By keeping track of arriving trucks and managing to their Dwell Report Dashboard, the manufacturer and GPX Intelligence were able to better allocate resources as the shipments approached for check-in and an expedited load and off-load of materials.

A supplier has too many returnable containers

A manufacturer needed to reduce their re-orders on returnable containers, as these were costing the company millions of dollars in repurchases each year. This also meant that successful execution would result in fewer emergency pick-ups from the supplier whenever containers were too numerous. It would also reduce hot deliveries of containers when suppliers were running low. The manufacturer and GPX Intelligence achieved these results after applying tracking technology to a small portion of the manufacturer’s container fleet, and re-orders went down, and expensive last-minute shipments were avoided.

Unprecedented Asset Visibility:
Bluetooth LE + GPS Mesh Network

  • GPS as Anchor
  • GPS as Mobile Hub
  • BLE Tag as Anchor

GPS as Anchor

Great for mapping items inside a facility | The GPS Anchor is located in a fixed position and relays the position of all nearby BLE tags to the GPX Platform.

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Application 1@1x

GPS as Mobile Hub

Great for end-to-end visibility | GPS trackers deployed in your network relay their position and the position of nearby BLE tags. Great for increased visibility across owned and external facilities, whether indoors or out.

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Application 2@1x

BLE Tag as Anchor

Great for indoor facilities and warehouses | Leverage BLE tags as anchors to increase the accuracy of GPS tracker reporting indoors.

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Location Visibility

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GPX has provided a GPS data tracking solution which has revolutionized container tracking visibility in our Supply Chain network. Through the use of Dwell Alerts, Geofence Alarms, and Watch Lists on the GPX platform we have been able to better manage our returnable containers, mitigating attrition and shortages.

Bryan T. Executive, Major Automotive Manufacturer

We have had over a 95% recovery rate since implementing GPX solutions, and it has saved us so much time and money. They have helped us track and protect our fleet of electric bikes, giving us the visibility of when they are being used, and allowing us to recover them if not left in the correct places. “

Benny F. Executive Director, Heartland Bike Share

GPX has helped us tremendously in tracking our non-powered assets. With GPX, we can see what equipment is available and helps in theft recovery. Customer support is a priority, they take great care of their customers.

Julio H. IT Manager, Southern Electric Corporation

Working with GPX has made a huge difference for us in monitoring our ventilators that are used for in-home patients. We have clear visibility of where each one is and know if they are taken where they shouldn’t, or just misplaced. This has not only saved us time but has also saved us money.

Tara P. Director, Pulmonary Prevention Plus

With GPX, we’ve been able to keep an eye on what matters most across our North American assets. Using their products and platform, we now have peace of mind that we can find our equipment when we need it most. Also, their team has been wonderful and willing to work with our business and evolving needs.

Ram M. Director, Solenis
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Loss Prevention & Asset Recovery

Mitigate risk of loss due to theft, misplacement, or unapproved use of your valuable assets.

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Internal Logistics & Supply Chain Monitoring

Use insights from the GPX platform to improve the operational efficiency of traditional and closed-loop supply chain networks.

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  • LaurelGrocery
  • DillonGage
  • ColinX

Shipment Tracking

Monitor valuable shipments with live location tracking, estimated delivery times, and shipment alerts.

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  • OneWaterMarine
  • EasyRental
  • WhittRentals

Trailer Tracking

Improve repo rates, reduce delinquencies, and improve customer communication.