NEWS | GPX Launches First End-to-End Location Intelligence Solution Using GPS + BLE Network

Posted by GPX Team on October 12, 2023
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    Kim Dazey

    GREENSBORO, NC, UNITED STATES, October 12, 2023 — GPX Intelligence, a leading provider of location intelligence and asset visibility solutions, today announced the launch of its new AssetTrack family of devices and AssetTag device. These launches represent a first in end-to-end supply chain and asset visibility. Leveraging these networked devices will not only lower the investment required for companies to gain this intelligence, but along with GPX’s proprietary platform, it will revolutionize the way logistics is done.

    GPS Tracker, Networked with Bluetooth Low Energy Tags

    The AssetTag is a Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) device that can network with GPX Intelligence’s BLE-enabled GPS devices (the AssetTrack family) to provide greater location data, inside and outside a facility. The AssetTrack family of BLE-enabled GPS devices relays data from its own position, as well as AssetTags within range.

    GPS as Mobile Hub

    GPS as a “Mobile Hub” for tracking inside and outside a facility

    Companies no longer need to choose between investing in internal operations or external logistics data and insights; GPX offers an end-to-end location intelligence solution that can be applied both inside and outside the facility.

    This network of BLE + GPS devices provides a number of benefits for companies, including:
    – Lower cost of implementation without sacrificing performance | The AssetTag is a cost- efficient device, which can be deployed alongside GPX’s BLE-enabled without breaking the bank.
    – Improved facility mapping with “Anchoring” capability | Anchoring means placing a BLE-enabled GPS tracker (the AssetTrack device family) in a fixed position within a facility which relays the position of all nearby AssetTags with greater accuracy. This is a great way to map inside facilities and warehouses without the heavy infrastructure that non-BLE/GPS technologies may require.
    – On-the-go location mapping with “Mobile Hub” capability | Deploy GPX’s GPS mobile hubs in the supply chain, which relay their own location and all nearby AssetTags. This is a great application to improve visibility across owned and external facilities, whether indoors or out.
    – Improved operational efficiency | This new, networked solution can help companies to improve their operational efficiency by providing them with true end-to-end visibility of their assets. This information can be used to optimize asset movement, reduce costs, and help teams focus on larger-scale initiatives.

    “The AssetTag, when networked with our BLE-enabled GPS tracking devices is a revolutionary new solution that will change the way companies track and manage their assets,” said Gabriel Weeks, CEO of GPX Intelligence. “Now, companies have an affordable option to provide end-to-end visibility of their assets, both inside and outside their facilities. This valuable information can be used to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, increase revenue generating activity, and support sustainability initiatives.”

    Join GPX in harnessing the power of the GPX Intelligence platform, its newly launched AssetTrack family of devices, and AssetTag device to revolutionize your supply chain. To learn more about GPX’s innovative solutions and request a demo, visit:



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