How Is GPS Tracking Used in The Construction Industry?

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Posted by GPX Team on April 14, 2020
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    Kim Dazey


    The construction industry is a dynamic field with many collaborators required to execute a project successfully.  Efficient management is required to get the most out of your time investment and protect your bottom line. Leaders in construction are well versed in the daily challenges such as:

    • Time and personnel management
    • Multiple job sites
    • Managing many assets

    In order to protect the company’s interests, it’s important that managers and teams have access to location data of vehicles, people, tools, and equipment.  Giving managers visibility into fleets and assets will aid in the completion of a successful project. GPX Intelligence is focused on providing our customers with the data they need to see the full scope of their work. With GPS technology, you can see where your assets or crew are in real-time, and use this information to coordinate your projects and secure your equipment.

    GPS Tracking in the Construction Industry
    Construction equipment

    Guarding against theft of commonly stolen items

    In 2019, the reported losses due to theft of construction equipment were $1 billion per year nationwide. For theft in the US, the recovery rate was less than 20%. The cost of stolen equipment does not stop at just the cost to replace the equipment.  Downtime, legal fees and filing claims with insurance companies can consume even more time and money.

    It is no secret that theft of construction equipment is a growing issue, and while security precautions and best practices are important, sometimes it is not enough to stop determined thieves. The use of GPS Tracking adds a crucial layer of security by focusing on monitoring and recovery.

    With a GPS solution, you can remotely view where your equipment is and be alerted if it is removed from its proper location. If your equipment is stolen and moved to a hiding location, GPS technology is capable of providing you with the information you need to recover it no matter how far it may have traveled.  GPS tracking also lets you ensure assets are not used improperly or for non-company purposes.

    The following list includes the most commonly stolen items from construction sites.

    • Tractors
    • Towable Generators
    • Utility trailers
    • Compact tracked loaders
    • Skid Steer loaders
    • Commercial Mowers
    • Backhoe loaders
    • Mini Excavators
    • Welder Generators
    • Light towers
    • Materials like outdoor air conditioners, appliances, fixtures, etc.
    Construction Equipment

    How to Protect your Construction Equipment with GPS Tracking

    Equipment tracking can be easy with features like a powerful tracking dashboard and real-time alerts. Aside from important layers of security, a tracker can provide much needed standardized data that you can use to improve the efficiency of your equipment. Knowing just exactly where your equipment is very useful, but you will also be able to measure the run time of a specific piece of equipment. This will allow you to maximize the use of your yellow iron, and also keep tabs on how many hours until it will need scheduled maintenance.

    Of course, anything on a construction site is subject to harsh conditions like dust, rain, temperature, shock and wear and tear. Choosing a tracker that has a waterproof, rugged enclosure is important.  GPX’s asset trackers are made from rugged, IP67 waterproof cases and are built to withstand extreme conditions.

    GPX’s GPS trackers also allow you to monitor equipment usage like engine runtime hours.  This allows you to see when assets like generators or skid steers are due for scheduled maintenance.

    Tracking Vehicles

    Tracking vehicles is an important first step for increasing efficiency, promoting safety and saving money.  If your projects require you to move between multiple job sites regularly, vehicle trackers can give you reliable real-time location data telling you when and where your vehicles are going to arrive. You can also track driver efficiency and safety while having full visibility of your fleet. This particularly imortant when team members are moving between jobs.

    Finally, using the geofencing features in our tracking software, you can set up automatic alerts when a specific vehicle or piece of equipment enters or exits a job site or point of interest. You can send these alerts to anyone who needs them, and they will be able to get a text message notifying them that something has arrived. Integrating GPS technology with your workflow will increase the ability to coordinate many of the dynamic legs that keep your company moving and successful.


    Construction Tracking Solutions

    Logistimatics provides a turnkey solution that includes all the tools you need to start and maintain reliable tracking. We start by providing builders and construction teams with visibility for their assets and equipment fleet. This includes access to a robust track platform that is easy to use and manage.

    If you would like to learn more and speak with a knowledgeable tracking advisor, please contact us here.