Navigating Success: GPS Fleet Tracking for Fleet Management and Monitoring

Posted by GPX Team on July 3, 2019
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    Kim Dazey


    Managing large fleets of vehicles, equipment, returnable containers, or other closed-loop systems (each with their own destinations) can be a demanding task for any logistics team. Keeping track of current and prior locations can be a time consuming and labor intensive process when done through traditional channels. One way to alleviate that weight considerably, is by integrating GPS trackers with your fleet.

    GPS Trackers for Fleet Tracking

    GPS tracking device placed directly on to the fleet vehicle offers peace of mind of knowing where is it located on a map display in real time. As the device moves and updates its location, those data points would be recorded directly on a map display visible through either our mobile app, or a web browser. Using a device like the RoadTrack Wired (wires into the vehicle’s power), or the AssetTrack Mobile (wireless and rechargeable) with the GPS tracking service through GPX Intelligence, you would have access to those features for one low monthly fee.

    Case Study: How does GPS Tracking help Fleet Managers?

    A fleet manager has noticed that a shipment heading to the midwest is late to arrive to its final destination by two hours. Knowing that the driver last reported he was driving through some inclement weather, the manager decides to check the location of the shipment using the GPS tracker placed on the vehicle. Using the GPS tracker, they were able to pinpoint their location and get in contact with other drivers in the area to do a status check. After discovering the vehicle had stalled and needed assistance, they were able get the necessary help out and get the driver and the shipment safely to their destination.

    We sell high quality tracking hardware that is affordable and easy to use. The software included is straightforward, and takes the guess work out of tracking. We test our hardware in all kinds of environments so that when you buy from us, you can be sure you’re getting a quality product. With GPX Intelligence, you can easily track from the web or with with your iOS or Android device.


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