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AssetTrack Mobile

The AssetTrack Mobile is a rechargeable 4G GPS asset tracker that can be used to track assets for up to 18 months without charging the battery. It has a weatherproof enclosure rated IP67 (waterproof + dustproof), a built-in magnetic case, an anti-tamper sensor to alert you if the device is removed, and wifi fallback funcitonality for tracking in low coverage areas.

AssetTrack Mobile GPS Device

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Standout features and capabilities of the AssetTrack Mobile

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Rechargeable Battery

Rechargeable tracker with 18 months of battery life between charges.

Tamper Alerts

Tamper sensors in the device will proactively alert you if device removal is attempted.

Magnetic Case

The built-in magentic case allows for easy installation on any metallic surface.

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AssetTrack Mobile GPS Device
AssetTrack Mobile Magnetic Back
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Got questions? We've got answers.

Frequently asked questions about the AssetTrack Mobile from GPX Intelligence

How long does the battery last?

The AssetTrack Mobile is a rechargeable device that can last up to 18 months between charges.

How frequently does the device report?

The AssetTrack Mobile can be configured to report every 30 seconds, once per hour, 6 hours, or 18 months. It’s important to remember that increasing the reporting frequency will impact the battery life of the device.

How do I install the device?

A powerful internal magnet allows for easy installation of the AssetTrack Mobile to any metallic surface.

What network does the device utilize?

The AssetTrack Mobile leverages the powerful AT&T LTE-M and T-Mobile CAT-M networks.

How do I charge the device?

Simply connect the AssetTrack Mobile to the included charging cable to charge. Charging takes approximately 4-5 hours.