Empowering Small Businesses: GPS and Location Tracking Systems

Posted by GPX Team on December 8, 2023
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    Kim Dazey

    Tracking technology for small business mitigates loss, secures assets, helps improve financial outcomes

    Shrink cost businesses nearly 100 billion dollars in 2021. Oftentimes, the usual suspect is theft—however, in other industries, loss gets chalked up to assets just getting lost in transit. If you’re a small business that relies on logistics transparency to keep the lights on, then every asset saved matters.

    More and more businesses are turning to GPS Tracking to:
    • Increase asset security
    Track fleets
    • Control fuel costs
    • Manage mobile employees

    Today’s competitive market requires sharper edges, and it is becoming essential for businesses to use whatever cost-saving technology to help ensure those edges. Most large businesses already use GPS tracking—just one piece of GPS tech can save multiple assets.

    How GPS tracking systems help small businesses

    Several sectors benefit from GPS tracking systems. And it’s not difficult for other businesses to see these advantages. Recent surveys have shown that over 80% of companies using GPS tracking to mitigate costs are more than satisfied with the results.

    Businesses already benefiting from GPS tracking systems include:

    GPS tracking for your small business helps in a number of ways:

    Protection of Assets

    • Protection of Assets. If your business is like most, security is a top priority. Use GPS tracking to secure your assets and help with loss prevention and shrink. GPS devices are small and can be placed more or less anywhere in your fleet, including:
      • Trailers
      • Cars
      • Construction equipment
      • Toolboxes
      • Safes

    Save on Fuel

    • Savings on Fuel. If you’re tracking your fleets, you can use the gathered data to discover efficient routes, easier traffic patterns, and more. All of this saves you dollars at the gas pump.

    Time Management

    • Ensuring Time Management & Safety. When considering loss and loss prevention, companies can save by knowing employees are using their vehicles for work, applications, and taking the most efficient routes you’ve discovered. Essentially, GPS tracking gives you a clearer picture out in the field, ensuring efficiency as well as safety and security for your company’s most valued items.

    Customer Satisfaction

    • Customer Satisfaction. Of course, the bottom line is making sure your customers get everything they paid for, as well as improved quality. Specifically for delivery companies, you can get better estimates of delivery and time in transit—all of which brings your customer satisfaction to an all-time high.

    How to choose the best GPS tracker for your business

    The first question you should ask is what kind of tracking does my business need? Are you targeting a specific outcome? Every business is different, and new technology, such as the devices and software provided by GPX Intelligence, can help find creative solutions to unexpected issues that may arise.

    Other questions to consider:

    • Do you want rechargeable devices, or items that wire directly into your equipment?
    • How long does the battery need to last between charges?
    • How often do I need it to report its location?
    • What size does the device need to be?
    • Do I want a consumable or do I need a reusable device?

    Read about how GPS tracking works and understand better your specific needs. And don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about GPS tracking.

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