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Loss Prevention

Recommended Solution: AssetTrack

Loss prevention tracking data is utilized by businesses to monitor their valuable assets so as to mitigate the risk of loss due to theft, misplacement, dwell, or unapproved use. In the event of loss, these devices are key in enabling businesses to recoup these valuable assets.

In addition to loss mitigation and recovery, tracking data can be leveraged to surveil asset location, facilitate use-based billing, and improve operational efficiency


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  • Car Rental Agencies
  • OEM's
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical Devices
  • Rental Equipment
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Supply Chain Logistics

Recommended Solution: AssetTrack + AssetTag

Logistics and Supply Chain tracking data is utilized to improve the operational efficiency of businesses operating in traditional and closed-loop supply chain networks. Businesses leverage insights from gps tracking data to optimize route design and accountability while reducing the impact of theft, damage, dwell, loss, and theft of services.

Logistimatics logistics and supply chain data solutions are being used across a vast array of businesses, from dairy farmers to fortune 100 automotive conglomerates.


  • Automotive
  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Trade Pros
  • Sports
  • Corporate
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Shipment Tracking

Recommended Solution: MicroTrack

Shipment and Recovery gps tracking data is utilized to monitor shipments domestically and internationally. Logistimatics’ Shipment Tracking and Recovery solutions provide historical and live data points, supported by a notification framework, to provide users live insight and alerts on valuable shipments.

Logistimatics has created a shipment-specific module to empower users to track shipments, optimizing delivery routes, mitigating the risk of loss, enabling recovery, and providing notification to both shipment creators and recipients.


  • Precious Metals
  • Food Retail
  • Fine Arts
  • Retail
  • Courier
  • Construction
Never Lose Sight of What Matters Most.

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A trusted partner to the worlds biggest companies:


GPX has provided a GPS data tracking solution which has revolutionized container tracking visibility in our Supply Chain network. Through the use of Dwell Alerts, Geofence Alarms, and Watch Lists on the GPX platform we have been able to better manage our returnable containers, mitigating attrition and shortages.

Bryan T. Executive, Major Automotive Manufacturer

We have had over a 95% recovery rate since implementing GPX solutions, and it has saved us so much time and money. They have helped us track and protect our fleet of electric bikes, giving us the visibility of when they are being used, and allowing us to recover them if not left in the correct places. “

Benny F. Executive Director, Heartland Bike Share

GPX has helped us tremendously in tracking our non-powered assets. With GPX, we can see what equipment is available and helps in theft recovery. Customer support is a priority, they take great care of their customers.

Julio H. IT Manager, Southern Electric Corporation

Working with GPX has made a huge difference for us in monitoring our ventilators that are used for in-home patients. We have clear visibility of where each one is and know if they are taken where they shouldn’t, or just misplaced. This has not only saved us time but has also saved us money.

Tara P. Director, Pulmonary Prevention Plus

With GPX, we’ve been able to keep an eye on what matters most across our North American assets. Using their products and platform, we now have peace of mind that we can find our equipment when we need it most. Also, their team has been wonderful and willing to work with our business and evolving needs.

Ram M. Director, Solenis
Who uses it:
  • SPXFlow
  • BudgetCarRental

Loss Prevention & Asset Recovery

Mitigate risk of loss due to theft, misplacement, or unapproved use of your valuable assets.

Who uses it:
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  • Orbis-Logo

Logistics & Supply Chain Monitoring

Use insights from the GPX platform to improve the operational efficiency of traditional and closed-loop supply chain networks.

Who uses it:
  • LaurelGrocery
  • DillonGage
  • ColinX

Shipment Tracking

Monitor valuable shipments with live location tracking, estimated delivery times, and shipment alerts.

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Who uses it:
  • OneWaterMarine
  • EasyRental
  • WhittRentals

Trailer Tracking

Improve repo rates, reduce delinquencies, and improve customer communication.