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Our flagship shipment tracker, versatile yet powerful. Designed specifically for tracking high-value shipments, the MicroTrack provides instant visibility and insights into your valuable shipments. View where your shipment has traveled, including all historic locations with timestamps, and receive location alerts when the tracker enters or exits a designated location.

MicroTrack GPS Device

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Shipment Tracking

Track the current and historical location of your shipments with updates every 15 minutes.

Wifi Fallback

When in remote areas, the MicroTrack can obtain location data from WiFi access points – even indoors and in areas with poor GPS reception.


When set to report location every 15 minutes, the MicroTrack will last 2 weeks between charges.

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Got questions? We've got answers.

Frequently asked questions about the MicroTrack from GPX Intelligence.

How long does the battery last?

The MicroTrack is a rechargeable shipment tracker with a battery life of up to one month.

How frequently does the device report?

The MicroTrack can be configured to report once every 60 seconds, once every 15 minutes, or once every hour. It’s important to remember that increasing the reporting frequency will reduce the battery life.

How do I install the device?

The small form factor of the MicroTrack allows you to simply place the device directly inside your package or valuable asset. Optionally, you can purchase a waterproof magnetic case for the MicroTrack that will protect the device from the elements and allow magnetic attachment to any metallic surface.

What network does the device utilize?

The MicroTrack leverages the powerful AT&T LTE-M and T-Mobile Cat-M networks.

Will this device work internationally?

The MicroTrack will work only in the continental United States.

Will this device work indoors?

Built-in Wifi location positioning allows for accurate location positioning while indoors.

Is the battery on this device replaceable?

The MicroTrack battery is easily rechargeable by connecting the included charging cable. The red LED will flash while charging and become solid when fully charged. Charging time is approximately 2-3 hours.