Mastering Yard Management: The Game-Changing Impact of GPS Tracking Solutions

Posted by GPX Team on May 23, 2019
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    Kim Dazey

    If you have ever worked in or around a warehouse or distribution center with many trucks/trailers, you know there is always a great possibility of things getting out of order.

    Picture this scenario: Your truck driver comes into the yard and your yard supervisor directs the truck to park in a specific space. The truck goes to that space but there is already a trailer there. The truck then goes to park in another space that is open and does so without informing the yard manager of that switch. Later, another truck comes in and is directed to park in the space the previous truck parked in. Even later in the day, a call comes through to locate one of those trailers to load/unload and you have to spend valuable time trying to locate where it ended up.

    That is where a GPX Intelligence solution can be a great benefit to businesses that can’t afford to waste time.

    Keeping a written record of where your vehicle/assets are in a yard can only get you so far when you run into the complexities of maintaining and locating those assets in a timely and efficient manner. However, with the help of GPS tracking devices, you could locate those assets quickly so you can use your time for more valuable things; like managing employees, marketing, and continuing to grow your business.

    Now picture this: Your truck driver comes into the yard and the trailer is immediately tagged with a GPS tracker. The driver then parks the trailer in an unmarked space your yard manager did not know they parked in. Later, a call comes in to load/unload that trailer, and instead of playing catchup as to where it ended up, you then check your mobile tracking app that shows you an overhead satellite photo view of where that trailer last stopped. You quickly locate that trailer and get on with running your business.

    That is only one of the many ways businesses are using GPX Intelligence’s tracking solutions to assist with Yard Management logistics. GPX provides GPS tracking solutions that can quickly save you money. The efficiencies gained through better asset management can quickly make the cost of GPS tracking a worthwhile endeavor. GPS tracking also tends to identify other inefficiencies in your day-to-day workflow that you may not have been aware of.

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    Yard Management and Location Tracking Solutions

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